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Super thin nappy

Light and thin core Thin and thin instant wicking body, multiply absorption, not sturdy, not faults, keep dry and comfortable.

Velvet back sheet Soft and breathable design, the layers will breathe, breathable and fresh, and the butt is more refreshing.

Soft cotton topsheetWith a silky soft top sheet design, it reduces the friction area and enjoys a dry and refreshing day away from the red butt.

Double leak proof The double-layer elastic leak-proof rim is used to form two waterproof walls that are not leaking, and the three-dimensional omnidirectional block side leakage.

Soft cotton breathable like whale breath nappy

Double protection Three-dimensional leak-proof rim design, not chubby legs, easy to prevent side leakage, give baby all aspects of caring.

Whale-type massive absorption The whale-like super-massive instantaneous suction, diverts the urine quickly, locks it without oozing back firmly , feeling dry and comfortable.

Ultra-thin instantaneous wick core The new built-in ultra-thin core body, the overall molding process, prevents the core from breaking effectively, not sturdy, not faults.

Silky and smooth breathable The back sheet is made of two-component non-woven fabric, which is smooth and breathable, making baby's butt is dry and comfortable at all times.

Double layer 3D pearl soft cotton The double-layer 3D soft cotton pearl layer design can reduce contact area to skin, soft and skin-friendly, so that the baby can enjoy dry and refreshing all day, away from red buttock.

Magic suction ultra-thin dry nappy

Magic beads soft top sheet The super soft experience on the surface, soft and comfortable double, safe and skin-friendly, away from the red buttock!

Magic sucking and drying thin core The magical overbearing absorption, the ultra-thin core locks the water firmly, squeezes repeatedly, not sturdy, not break, still dry as new.

Magic breathable back sheet Soft and breathable design, layers will breathe, sultry and moisture all run out!

Magic multidimensional leak proof The multidimensional anti-leakage partition, multi-protection prevents leakage of urine effectively, making baby feel dry and comfortable.

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