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 (China) Co., Ltd. is a well-known daily consumer goods enterprise integrating market research and development, product research, fine manufacturing, terminal sales and marketing services. Companies adhere to the "to medical professional do the healthy enterprise" business philosophy, through continuous innovation and expanding industrial boundary, has grown from a single baby diapers manufacturers, developed into maternal and child care, adult care, health care, household chemical and pet care products in various fields, such as the size of the diversified group. The company has 44 patents and invested heavily to introduce more than 30 advanced servo production equipment at home and abroad. It has been awarded as "Science and technology Enterprise of Fujian Province", "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Famous Brand product of Fujian Province".

     At present, it has three production bases: Fujian Jinjiang Development Headquarters production base (marketing center), Anhui Chuzhou production base, in August 2020 established in Shishi Insoftb  New materials technology RESEARCH and development production base (total investment of 280 million yuan), covers an area of 70 acre. Construction of 100,000-level purification workshop, spunlaced fabric production workshop, spunlaced fabric products production workshop, spunbonded non-woven fabric workshop, warehouse (including raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products) and other basic supporting projects. It can produce 30,000 tons of non-woven fabric and processed products, which are widely used in cotton soft towel, wet towel, sanitary napkin, diaper, mask, disposable medical supplies and other fields.

It owns well-known nursing brands "Insoftb", "Wobalo", "Growth champion", women's nursing brand "Misecr", adult care brand "Cosofto", pet care brand "Heynckes" and other well-known brands. The enterprise has upgraded from traditional industry to intelligent manufacturing and become the "Intelligent manufacturing pilot and demonstration enterprise in Fujian Province". At the same time, with excellent product quality and good market reputation, it won the honorary title of "2018 Top 10 Enterprises in China's Baby Diaper Industry", based on China and global layout.

Company Culture


Enterprise mission Committed to provide the most consistent with human health needs of baby supplies, to provide for the Chinese baby Safe, comfortable.

Enterprise spirit Honesty, love to fight, innovation

Core values Scientific development

Corporate purpose To consumers: to provide health, safety, comfort, quality product
To customers: cooperation and win-win common growth
To shareholders: highly responsible for long-term return
To staff: training to improve the development of achievement

Basic ideas of the cul ture of insoftb Management idea: human, scientific, and systematic
Talent concept: the occupation, the people, the appropriate person
Study idea: three people will have our teacher, beyond the selt
Leadership concept: credibility, faith, confidence

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