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2017.12 baby comfortable treasure: innovation should change, product research and development to climb new heights
Time: 2017-12-28    View: 3206    Burst: INSOFTB

  Enterprise innovation is unending, climb new height again. On November 8 to 10, the infant comfortable treasure (China) co., LTD., with three new product appearance at the 17th session of Shanghai international exhibition of nonwoven materials (SINCE), attracted numerous enterprises, buyers, distributors and other professional audiences to visit.

  Photo: at the exhibition, the manager of the foreign trade department of baby comfort, su jianfeng, introduced the new products

  For years, baby shubao has been ploughing in diapers and sanitary napkins, making it one of the top places in the industry in just a few short years. So why did baby shubao make such a rapid development in such a short time? With this in mind, bo wei made an interview with the foreign trade department manager su jianfeng.

  "Times are changing and consumer demand is changing. Innovation should be the key. Su jianfeng dismissed the confusion with a simple and simple answer.

  Innovative research and development, new products emerge endlessly

  What is "change in innovation"? Baby shubao explained the meaning of this sentence with its actions. Since 2011, baby shubao has been expanding its expanding domestic market. At that time, the market for diapers and sanitary napkins was in the ascendant stage, and there was a huge development space. Yan peikun, chairman of the company, saw the development potential of the market and invested a lot of money in production equipment and product research and development. However, with the development of economy, the ability and demand of consumers are constantly upgrading. In order to keep pace with the change of market demand, baby shu bao is constantly innovating and developing new products.

  Facing the increasingly fragmented and individualized market demand, baby shubao has adopted a strategy of differentiation and specialization in product research and development and divided the consumer groups. Su Jianfeng to show small make up for, in the exhibition, the infant comfortable treasure shows lala pants, adult female menstruation pants and infant swimming trunks of three kinds of new products is based on the current achievements developed in the consumer market.

  It is understood that these three new products have made accurate positioning in the division of consumers. Among them, for the newly emerging adult diapers market in China, the old brand of baby shu bao has launched the new adult slacks for some moderate incontinence groups and special working groups. At the same time, the private language brand of baby shu bao also introduced the new women's menstrual trousers, which aims to solve the problems of menstrual blood leakage, dirty laundry, and inconvenience. In addition, in order to better care for the baby's delicate skin during swimming, she also introduced baby swimming trunks.

  It can be seen that these three new products are aimed at the domestic consumption market which is still being vigorously mined. Su Jianfeng said, in order to develop products that meet the consumer demand, the infant comfortable treasure not only learn from their years of professional experience and technology, also invested a lot of resources to research, collect and analyze consumer spending habits, repeated study compared with the help of advanced equipment, commissioning, to ensure that every product is safe, stable and reliable. Therefore, for walking at the frontier of the market, baby shubao not only has courage, but also has more confidence.

  Three arrows, help enterprises take off

  As the domestic market competition becomes more and more hot, the product research and development of baby shubao continues. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the infant comfortable treasure r&d team will continue to based on the consumer market, understanding the needs of the consumers, in research and development and production of breakthrough innovation, craft update, better products. "Only by looking at the quality and performance of the products can we strive to create products that meet the needs of consumers." "Said su jianfeng.

  While adhering to the product development path, the baby shu bao is constantly improving the production equipment. Company has introduced a fully automated stereoscopic warehouse, with its entire production process and all kinds of automation equipment, instead of a lot of manual operation, not only greatly reduce the cost of human resources, but also ensure the product first in first out, from the start to order the goods directly for the plan of production instruction, implement the whole process automation operation, to further enhance the production efficiency.

  In addition, in order to take advantage of market opportunities more flexibly and more actively, baby shubao still knows every move of the market and grasps the development direction of the industry. Company not only established the perfect marketing network, and strive for more diversified on marketing channel pattern, through different channel models covering the corresponding retail terminal, to different consumer groups to provide conforms to the requirements of product, realize the mutual cooperation of offline and online channels. For example, it was the same brand of adult lala pants to give you in the offline channel development, and the female menstruation trousers brand may whisper is used wechat business marketing model, online sales of the products.

  Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. In the development of product research and development, equipment improvement and channel expansion of the "three arrows" effectiveness, the baby shu bao has come a long way, its future can be. "In the future, baby shu bao will continue to forge ahead, using the conscience and responsibility to provide consumers with the most comfortable products and services, and help the enterprise to take off." "Mr. Su said.

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