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The secretary of quanzhou municipal party committee and secretary of the party committee of jinjiang and the leaders at all levels visited our company for guidance
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  At 10:00 a.m. on December 1, 2017, zheng xingcong, secretary of quanzhou municipal party committee, and liu wenru, party secretary of jinjiang, visited the company.

  Yan peikun, chairman of baby shobao, and general manager zeng guodong warmly met and accompanied secretary zheng, and the chairman of the chairman told him to give a detailed account of the development of baby shubao in recent years. For seven years, baby shubao has grown from two initial production lines to 15 production facilities. From early small workshop leasing development to the present two self-built production base - anhui chuzhou and fujian jinjiang, baby diapers, diapers, baby pants, swimming trunks, menstrual enjoy private pants, adult lala pants, the rich series of products such as dry wipes, wet wipes, best-selling home and abroad market.

  First of all, the secretary Zheng Xincong cheerfully came to the infant comfortable treasure products science laboratory, to visit the laboratory of advanced testing equipment, see baby comfortable treasure and foreign well-known brands of diapers products performance testing contrast, zheng secretary nodded, praised our baby diapers did not comfortable treasure production loss to foreign brands of diapers, it is a good quality! He stressed that the enterprise must firmly close the quality of good products, constantly keep improving to be more competitive.

  The chairman led the inspectors into the production area of the workshop, lined with rows of production lines, like a procession of dignitaries waiting to greet the guests, magnificent and magnificent. Secretary zheng and his entourage came to the machine before, understand the production technology and technological innovation, hear yan chairman introduced after we get dozens of patents, secretary Zheng Xincong gives our affirmation and high praise!

  Another highlight of this visit is to visit the intelligent automated three-dimensional warehouse for the baby. According to yan, chairman, baby comfortable treasure automation stereoscopic warehouse is to adopt the most advanced automation intelligent device, the project total investment 50 million yuan, warehouse covers an area of 6000 square meters, up to 25 meters, with 17500 location, can accommodate 1 million pieces of goods, manual handling, precise do first in first out, greatly reduce labor costs.

  After visiting production workshop and automated stereoscopic warehouse, Zheng Xincong secretary, the secretary and the accompanying Liu Wenru inspection team came to the infant comfortable treasure comprehensive office building, comprehensive office building in the conference room to communicate, and carefully listen to and understand the enterprise is in need of help in some cases, Zheng Xincong secretary said: "enterprise should adhere to like baby comfortable treasure" spirit ", do big ideas to do fine and stronger and confidence, can be based on the long-term development ".

  Once again, the President thanked secretary zheng xincongcong, secretary liu wenjou and all the leaders for the visit and guidance of the company. In the future, baby comfortable treasure must be more devoted to "spirit" bold innovation, to improve the quality of products, and strengthen the brand construction, focus on health supplies business, tried to build the infant comfortable treasure into the urine trousers industry leading brand, for countries and make greater contribution to the development of society.

  Finally, the chairman and former general manager of the general office of the general office of the party to give the leadership, the visit to a complete success!

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