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2015.5 Insoftb Jinjiang Fujian production base

Insoftb (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in November 30, 2010, 4 years of development, so that the rapid development of baby. With the continuous expansion of the business, the company plans to buil...


2012.9 insoftb Chuzhou Anhui Industrial Park groundbreaking ceremony was a successful

  Chuzhou Industrial Park is a National Development Zone, the transportation is very convenient, the location is very good, the park is very beautiful, we will be officially settled in the ...


2010.10 insoftb Cecilia Cheung together to create high-end brand of diapers

  From the beginning of 2011, Chinese baby products industry has added a powerful new force. After several years of research and precipitation, insoftb INSOFTB high-end brand in the diaper ...


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Service Hotline:400-8855-466

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